Aroma Readings

Every color of the rainbow has an aromatic equivalent.

You can truly smell color.

The aromatic reading is done by prioritizing the aromas you gravitate towards the most.

Experience a reading based on your scent preferences

You will receive as a gift the chakra perfume that appealed to you the most.

Imagine an Aroma Reading table at your next event or party!!!

How Can an Aroma Reading Change Your Life?

This empowering reading, emerges from your body’s own wisdom and the energetic connections nature has within it.

While the mind may direct our beliefs and actions, the BODY holds true insight and wisdom. The reason it works is because our sense of smell will bypass the

“shoulds”, “coulds” and “woulds”

that often trick the brain and distorts our vision and inner dialogue.

The sense of smell is our body's primal and instinctual wisdom;

as well as the first sense to be developed, even before we are born.

The uncertainty of the future can leave an impact on a human’s emotional and mental health. It causes us to feel helpless and vulnerable. Yet, deep within us there IS certainty. We hold the power to ask the body questions and the answers we get are direct and honest.

Aroma is a decisive medium to reveal your DESIRES and NEEDS.

Scent is one of the body's most accurate barometer.

We want what we want;

yet how come getting there is so elusive? In a single word, FEAR.

It will sabotage our efforts, holds us back or keep us stuck in overwhelm.

The body will reveal if a block must first be removed in order to manifest our dream or goal.

1. An aroma reading can reveal the REAL desire.

Whether you are struggling with your love life or you can’t seem to fixate on a particular career path or desire a long needed adventure, follow your nose.

We have been taught to smell items and proclaim “good” or “bad”, yet during the reading….you will be asking the question “does this aroma support my vision?”

And the results are many times, surprising.

Once you know your path, work with Shevah to create a Vision for it here.

2. It can help you see the positive side to life

We all go through rough patches in life when we feel everything is going downhill.

If you feel trapped in darkness and can’t see the rising sun, let your nose provide you a new direction to navigate yourself out of that chapter.

We attract what we believe, and we also have the power to change our beliefs.

This intuitive reading will be monumental in helping you see the hurdles created by you, which are blocking rays of light and hope from entering your life. 

3. Preparation and inspiration for a better life

You can’t predict the future. However, you can stay prepared for whatever might come your way. 

And even better, you can direct the path your future takes by harnessing your thoughts and emotions.

This is where scent comes to your rescue.

A specific aroma can provide you a way to focus your attention upon one outcome.

It can become like a vision board drawn by the nose and painted with aroma.

The outcome of the aroma reading can reveal the recipe for your focusing tool and a mantra/ affirmation to go with it.

But each path is so unique

Because scent is tied into memory, what works to anchor a dream for one person may not work with another.

It would be like saying eating chicken soup for the next 10 days is the answer to a cold for every person. Taste, as does smell, has very specific associations that may not all be positive and it’s as vast and varied as our personalities.

I’ve originated this technique and skill set to discern what your preferences reveal as well as to marry your most positive scent memory with your future vision into a beautiful and transformational aromatic composition. (this additional service is called Perfuming Intentions)

A scent reading can reveal the scope of your passion and lead you down a sensory path to reignite the fire for it. An inspiration of this sort can change your life!

4. Closure for your peace of mind

Whether you have just lost someone immensely close to your heart or an unforeseen event has left you disturbed, a scent reading can provide you with the closure you need to move on. 

An unresolved situation could leave you feeling broken and riddled with fear.

Fear and Scent Memories reside in the same part of the automated brain. The Amygdala.

Moving past fear can be done easily when we allow the Scent Memory to become louder than the fear. Let’s use it as our anchor and piggy back our new story with an already embedded scent. New brain mapping and neuroscience research are revealing just how transformational our sense of smell can be.

Together we can co-create an aromatic narrative that can play a fundamental role in giving you closure and restoring your faith in love and hope.

5. Find your life's purpose

We all are here to fulfill a purpose, but are you familiar with it? If not, then an aroma reading can lead you on your path to self-discovery.

Certain qualities about yourself may be revealed to you, so that the life you lead from that point onwards can begin to become more directed, intentional and deliberate.

These actions bring satisfaction and contentment.

Every aroma or blend is natural and botanical based. Therefore, the energetic quality each aroma holds is directly tied to the wisdom of the earth. When you do a scent reading, you are diving into ancient planetary wisdom that is carefully curated to allow for a deep connection with the forces of nature.

My wisdom regarding the energetics and aromatic properties of botanicals allows me to carefully compose narrative blends. This helps me tap into your truth in order to help you make decisions that will change your life for the better.


is just a sniff away

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