Anchor the magic of your moments with the power of perfume.

Helping engaged couples relieve wedding planning stress

so they can start their lives together

with presence, connection and joy.

many engaged couples feel...

"The stress and pressure of wedding planning is taking over our lives."

"There is no time to enjoy 'us', every moment is so packed."

"The days fly by so fast, I just wish I could cherish these beautiful moments."

Your Signature Marriage Scent will....


Your bespoke aroma

calms and grounds you into this precious time and reminds you of your 'why'.



Your bespoke aroma captures the most important moments, symbols and meanings of who you are together.



Wearing your aroma up to and during your wedding day can anchor those magical moments

so it can be

remembered in one whiff


  • A 1:1 experience where Shevah gets to know you as a couple, your favorite moments, experiences with one another, details about your wedding, visions for the future and what you most love about your partner.

  • Shevah distills and extracts rich symbolism and metaphors from this conversation and translates it into aromatic notes to be blended into your special base scent

  • Each person receives an Aroma Reading and Scent Discovery Experience to match the narrative to what is applealing to the nose.

  • A completely one of a kind, bespoke aroma that can be the final product for the couple or the base for more individualized perfumes (bride, groom, wedding party, guests, etc.).

  • A beautiful 30ml glass perfume bottle of your unique SIGNATURE SCENT.

  • A professionally designed title and logo for the perfume and perfume bottle label.


We love our scents. So far I have used my bespoke perfume regularly while we were on our honeymoon and the rest of our vacation. The experience of creating both scents was really special for me because I got to create something that was just ours, both together and separately. They were built with our past and future selves in mind and they compliment each other beautifully just as Rony and I do. I found the design experience to be very detailed and fun because I was developing something so personal.

I would highly recommend the process to anyone interested in personalized scents as a couple or an individual! It would be a fun date idea too!



I found the whole process exciting and captivating. It was masterful to watch Shevah be able to translate our special moments into aromatic notes that captures exactly who we are as a couple. She got us to such a degree that we asked her to also officiate our wedding. She is masterful at engaging an audience through storytelling. The way she wove the focal point of mint into our ceremony and the story of our future life was just beautiful. Our guests felt it was one of the most meaningful weddings they attended and remember us to this day by the smell of mint.

- Diana, Phoenix, az

We LOVED Shevah. She is so sweet and really passionate about what she does, and takes time to get to know you, your story, your wedding vibe, all of it. Meeting with her is so refreshing, not only for the wine and cheese and chocolate, but because she sincerely loves love!! Our fragrance was so special, and was beautifully and artfully crafted with crazy precision. It smells more masculine on my fiancé and more feminine on me!! We cannot WAIT to wear this for our wedding, and we loved that she included some sample fragrances of things we told her we loved along the way, including her Winter Wonderland scent (a favorite of mine, ask her about it) and St. Louis Man (my fiancé’s favorite). She also, ALSO included each of our favorites in their own little sample vials, as well as tiny vials that would work well to keep in a car so I can breathe in the scent of my wedding any time I want! Seriously, reach out to Shevah. It’s such a unique, fun, beautiful experience. You’ve gotta try it!

- Kenzie, St.Charles, MO

perfume has always been a delicious mystery.

Perfume has always been a delicious mystery

While it made me profoundly curious, I found it an assault to my senses. I could have even gone as far as saying "I hate perfume". I did not realize then, that I was dealing with hyperosmia. A type of hyper acute ability to smell odors to the degree where it registers in my brain as pain. It was as I was developing a pain cream for myself in 2017 that I remembered how much I loved scent. As I was on my own healing journey, I always used scent as a focusing tool to help me remember the life I knew was possible. I then started to take on clients to formulate the smell of their future while linking it to a positive scent memory. The transformative results were amazing. Over the years, I found that my curiosity around scent had tamed my fear and pain around hyperosmia. This has awarded me the opportunity to serve hundreds of clients with my aromatic and sensory work.

Shevah Pinkus, MS Ed

is a momentum coach and talented aroma artist specializing in helping you manifest the vision of your greatest desires into aromatic sensory experiences.

 Her past role as a wedding officiant for creatives honed her ability to extract cherished loving memories and translate them into a tangible symbol and focal point for countless wedding ceremonies.

Imagine relieving wedding planning stress and capturing special moments




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